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Hackoustic Iklectic

“Mode Collapse”, Audio-Visual Performance, 2023 Mar 25th

Pain and pleasure are the different sides of the same coin. Arm-wrestling sensations that crush our mind towards the primal. As said by Marvin Minsky “Too much suffering diminishes us by restricting the complexities that constitute our very selves. It must be the same for pleasure as well.” Artificial brains seem to suffer from similar problems. They can lock into repeating themselves in order to sustain the presence of a reward signal. If we build machines in our likeness, how can we learn to think differently? We present an electronic live set featuring live visuals based on AI generated images and the Bessel’s Axe, an AI-augmented electric guitar that controls pure synthetic sounds using FM synthesis.

Sound artists: Franco Caspe and Xiaowan Yi
Visual artist: Feiqi Wang