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Race for the Arctic 

A Work-In-Progress Docu-game, 2021
Made with Unity 3D / C# / Cinema 4D / Blender

Game Trailer

Race for the Arctic is an experimental game (collabrated with Sindi Breshani, James Roadnight, Juliette Coquet, Dimitris Menexopoulos, Sammy Selin and Marco Evangelisti ) in which players race as freight-shipping companies to deliver their cargo across the arctic. Throughout the course of each lap, players experience the impact of climate change in the region as the game’s narrative travels in fast-motion towards the end of this century. These future scenarios have been modeled on data from academic literature as well as predictions gathered in research workshops with experts as diverse as a geo-political expert, environmental scientists, shipping CEO, arctic tour guide, and a climate activist. And for those who play it, we hope that Race for the Arctic will provide a renewed sense of urgency and reality to the climate challenge we face together.

For more game dev information, please visit the page of the game:

Early concept of characters

Early concept art 

Gameplay Video