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The Village

A collaborative VR experience project for V&A Musuem of Childhood, 2019
Made with Unity / Cinema 4D / Blender 

In the summer of 2019, I participated in this collaborative VR experience project (with 4 other RCA students) for V&A Museum of Childhood, which was exhibited and presented in V&A Museum of Childhood Festival of Play.

The whole project addresses some of the challenges we face when it comes to supporting play in the modern world. This VR experience inspired by a collection of doll-houses in V&A Museum of Childhood and aimed to transform this doll-village into a VR experience for yound kids to explore narratives and stories behind the artwork.

2019年夏天,我与四位Royal College of Art的学生合作设计了The Village虚拟现实体验,于7月在伦敦维多利亚与阿尔伯特博物馆(儿童馆)Festival of Play展出。Festival of Play的项目由V&A博物馆与伦敦大学学院Playing with Archive项目组及Royal College of Art合作举办,旨在探讨游戏体验在当代社会语境下的挑战。我们的虚拟现实体验作品The Village以博物馆一件同名游戏馆藏作品为原型,希望用3D的虚拟现实世界再现这个充满叙事和想象空间的村庄,为目标受众4-10岁的儿童提供一种充满乐趣与游戏感的观展体验。

Research Workshop Design

The narrative of VR experience comes from the workshop session we did with a group of local primary school kids. We designed a card board game in order to provide guidelines for kids to come up ideas about the history of the village as well as the characters inside.


VR Visual Design

Physical crafting toys designed for kids

Exhibition documentation