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The Primal’s Soul (WIP)

An affective game prototype / Music Generation AI / Physiological Data Extraction for Game Adaption

Affective game is a concept of extracting real- time emotion data to enhance game interactivity and user experiences. The enhancement of game interactivity can be reflected in many aspects such as game plot, background music and visual components. Based on this conception, I proposed this game research exploring the design and implementation of an affective game named Primal’s Soul. The narrative design were based on the theory of Interactive Storytelling and the story creation structure of the Hero's Journey. A physiological data detecting system has been implemented to process real-time emotion data of the game players, and a music generation AI algorithm has been conducted to create adaptive background music of the game prototype. A user evaluation done with 30 participants showed a positive potential for the application of emotion-driven interactions in video games.

Game visual design

Game character design

Game Synopsis
The whole story of the game is about a caveman who encounters a mysterious flame in a cave back in primitive time. The special power of the caveman will be represented by a magic orb that can provide guidance. And the nature of the power is linked to the player’s emotions.